22 January 2024

RiboLace 360 launch 🚀 - RNAseq alone restricts insights. Reveal more with RiboSeq!

RiboLace360 Gel Free Kit* is a full circle comprehensive workflow which combines our gel free ribosome profiling technology with sequencing and data analysis, all for one set price. 

For one set price you will receive: 
  •  All-in-one RiboLace Gel Free kit for processing 12 samples in your lab 
  • Complete technical support including in depth protocol review 
  • Two shipping labels to send your libraries to our trusted sequencing partner 
  • Deep sequencing of your samples including QC and continued open communication 
  • Comprehensive RiboSeq data analysis by our BioIT team, including start site identification, periodicity, codon usage, etc. 

Ribosome profiling has never been more accessible! 
Please contact us if you are interested in scheduling an introductory call

 *RiboLace 360 Gel Free is currently available in the EU only.