The RiboLace technology is embedded in two products: for better RNA-seq experiments and for better Ribosome Profiling experiments. Kit for ribosomes profiling are in beta-test from 2017

The Beads Galaxy consist of a portfolio of beads with different dimension and composition for bio-related applications. Our products suit the needs of life science labs and pharma companies. Online orders available.

RIBO-LACEtm Technology

For better Ribo-Seq experiments

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The right bead for every experiment

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RIBO-NEXTtm Technology

For better RNA-seq experiments

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Technology and applications

Immagina BioTechnology has developed unique, user-friendly, low cost, highly processive and versatile tools for the purification and analysis of polyribosomes. Our  RiboLace™ technology gives a snapshot on protein expression for an accurate picture of what a cell is manufacturing.  RiboLace™ is embedded in two products for (1) more accurate gene expression analysis and (2) better ribosome profiling studies.

For customers

We are engaged with customers at every step of the way.

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For investors

Pushing Forward With Collaborative R&D Models In Biotech.

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Intellectual property

A platform of opportunities.

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About us

Immagina BioTechnology is a StartUp hosted in the Laboratory for Biomolecular Sequence and Structure Analysis for Health (LaBSSAH), a hub comprising private and public institutions: the Bruno Kessler Foundation (FBK), the Institute of Biophysics of the Italian National Research Council (CNR-IBF) and the Centre for Integrative Biology of the University of Trento (CIBIO). Immagina represents a unique opportunity to profitably match the academic know-how and industrial needs.


Partnership opportunities within academia.

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Wants to join the startup company to help accomplish our mission?

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Our own peer-to-peer network.

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Students & Former Members

We thank our collaborators, and we encourage students to apply for internships.

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If you are ready to make your mark with a company that’s making an impact in the lives of millions, join Immagina. We’re dedicated to advanced medicines and innovative healthcare, starting from a better understanding of gene expression at the ribosomal level. If you are wishing to embark on a career in a fast-evolving company, Immagina offers two career opportunities that will develop your talents, fulfill your goals, and inspire you to contribute to a disruptive innovation in the field of RNA/ribosome targeted small molecule and selective capture of active ribosomes. Open positions:

  1. IMMAGINA Position_PhD
  2. IMMAGINA Position_PhDLabManager
Please send Curriculum vitae, a letter describing your interest and contact of three reference persons to We will hold on to your resume and contact you only if your profile meets our needs.  


I. 28th November 2016. Immagina Biotechnology s.r.l. raises € 0.48 million. This is the first joint investment in start-up  held by business angels from the entire Euregio. We thank the new shareholders, Harald Oberrauch (Technicon S.p.A.) and Hermann Hauser Investment Gmbh for sharing our vision!
  II.In Jan 2016 Immagina BioTechnology got new private fundings from local italian investors. We thank our Business Angels for trusting our technology and our business model.
  III. Our project called RiboTIP (PolyRibosomes on microplaTes for Innovative Products) developed in collaboration with the National Research Council has been granted 60.000 Euro from the CARITRO Foundation. We thank the Foundation for trusting our technology and business culture aimed at an innovative local development. For more information click here. logo-fondazionecaritro    
  IV. We thank Biomat s.r.l. for the kind support on microplates engineering.

Contact us

Immagina BioTechnology s.r.l - P.IVA/Vat n°: 02335400228

  • Headquarter: via alla Cascata 56/c, 38123 - Povo, Trento, Italy
  • Operative support: Via Sommarive 18, 38123 Trento, Italy - tel: 0039 0461.312018
Immagina performs the recruitment through its website. If you wish to be considered you are welcome to submit your details, using the contact form.

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