CircAID-p-seq for Oxford Nanopore Technologies


  • Selective sequencing of short RNAs bearing a 3’P  or 2′,3′ cP end
  • Quick (1-day) high quality library preparation
  • No library PCR amplification bias
  • Suitable for RNA footprinting, Ribosome Profiling and transcriptome analysis.


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AHARIBO for de novo proteome

  • Isolation of nascent peptides associated with active polyribosomes
  • Easy and quick pull-down approach
  • Parallel RNA and protein analysis if combines to AHARIBO for RNA
  • Suitable for downstream mass spec. and Western blot analysis.

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  • Isolation of active polyribosomes and associated RNAs 
  • Easy and quick pull-down approach
  • Parallel RNA and protein analysis if combines to AHARIBO for proteome
  • Suitable for downstream RNAseq, qPCR and Ribo-seq.

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RiboLace Ribo-Seq kit library prep

  • Isolation of active ribosomes
  • Antibody-free and tag-free pull-down approach
  • Input material 40x less than standard Ribosome Profiling protocols
  • Optimized protocol for library preparation

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The Specialized Ribosome Technology Platform

New and better information for scientists, toward novel therapeutic strategies in cancer and congenital disorders. We design, we produce and we provide research tools for gene expression analysis at the ribosomal level 


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RiboLace kit – improving ribosome profiling experiments

A novel method based on an original puromycin-containing molecule capable of isolating active ribosomes by means of an antibody-free and tag-free pull-down approach.

Library Prep for ribosome profiling

Library prep for ribosome profiling kit is used to prepare libraries starting from Ribosome Protected Fragments (RPFs) isolated using RiboLace Ribo-Seq or other protocols.

CircAID-p-seq for Oxford Nanopore Technologies

CircAID-p-seq kit is designed for quick (1-day) high-quality library preparation for short RNAs bearing a 3’-phosphate/2’,3’-cyclic phosphate compatible with Oxford Nanopore platform.

Small molecules for monitoring protein synthesis

Tools for monitoring protein synthesis and studying translation on the protein-exposed ribosome surface in research, industrial and medical fields.


Specific for the analysis of translatome through the isolation of active ribosomes


AHARIBO for de novo proteome analysis is dedicated to the analysis of newly synthesized proteins.

Micro and nanoparticles for biological applications

A selection of micro and nanoparticles based on silica, gold, graphene, and hydrogels for applications of in biology and biotechnology.

About us

The team leading IMMAGINA is composed by an experienced group of scientists, and c-level professionals, offering a mix of competencies that range from molecular biology, chemistry, nanotechnology, technology transfer, marketing, and business development. Among them, members of TBA (, BAN-TN ( and I.E.C.T. (the Hermann Hauser - Institute for Entrepreneurship, The achievement of the many ambitious goals is sustained by the already accomplished R&D activities funded by both private and public stakeholders. IMMAGINA relies on a series of partnerships already established to help business and market development.


We deliver high-quality solutions to assess translational control of gene expression and translatome-associated biomarkers.

The Ribosome Company


IMMAGINA designed, developed and commercialize a Platform Technology focused on Ribosome to isolate and analyse active ribosomes and the associated RNA molecules


IMMAGINA ambition is to deliver smart solutions for truer gene expression analysis in research and pharma labs, to support life science worldwide. We are working to provide you with the best picture of gene expression. Because the message is only part of the story.  


Wants to join the startup company to help accomplish our mission?


We are looking for highly motivated scientists. Open positions: IMMAGINA Position_ID007 and position IMMAGINA Position_ID008


Active Ribosome Profiling with RiboLace – 2018

Ribolace: A novel method based on an innovative puromycin analogue capable of isolating ribosome in active translation.

SMN-primed ribosomes modulate the translation of transcripts related to Spinal Muscular Atrophy – 2019

RiboLace to study Spinal Muscular Atrophy.
SMN-primed ribosomes modulate the translation of transcripts related to Spinal Muscular Atrophy

Targeting Translation Activity at the Ribosome Interface with UV-Active Small Molecules – 2019

UV-active puromycin derivatives that cannot be transferred to the growing peptide chain can be used to study protein synthesis activity and label productive ribosome-associated protein.

[cit] Whole brain delivery of an instability-prone Mecp2 transgene improves behavioral and molecular pathological defects in mouse models of Rett syndrome – 2019

Global brain transduction of the instability-prone Mecp2 transgene by systemic AAV-PHP.eB administration is both safe and effective in protecting male and female Mecp2 mutant mice from the RTT disease phenotype

[cit] Recent advances in ribosome profiling for deciphering translational regulation – 2019

Ribosome profiling enables codon resolution analysis of mRNA translation.
New methods based on ribosome profiling provide novel insights into translational control.
Many tools are developed to facilitate the analysis of ribosome profiling data.

[cit] ORF-Tools—Workflow for the determination of translation-regulatory upstream open reading frames – 2019

uORF-Tools is designed for intuitive use and requires only limited computing times
and resources

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  • Headquarter: via alla Cascata 56/c, 38123 - Povo, Trento, Italy
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