Dedication to innovation

We leverage both internal expertise and strategic collaborations to fuel innovation in RNA research and shake up the drug discovery market. Our ribosome-based open-innovation initiatives focus on two fronts, driving both clinical and research-use-only applications.   As leader in ribosome-focused discovery technologies, we are dedicated to crafting an unparalleled suite of product solutions and research services. 

We welcome talented individuals and innovative technologies to join our dynamic R&D team. Our newly emerging Immagina & Friends network aims to become a community of individuals who share our passion for RNA and ribosomes, and are eager to exchange ideas in mutually beneficial relationships. 

A featured result from this new network is the stunning image of a ribosome featured on our homepage and in the video on the right. This image is inspired by a pictured kindly provided by Dr. Matthew Kraushar, derived from the Protein Data Bank (PDB) 4V6X structure of the human 80S ribosome.

Annual Research-Use-Only implementations in our dynamic pipeline continually give rise to novel solutions. At the core of our most in-depth innovation projects are eRIs and DOORs initiatives, spearheading transformative advancements.