6 May 2022

Launching RiboLace XL

Fast and flexible solution to isolate active ribosomes for ribosome profiling experiments Immagina.

Biotechnology, the Ribosome company, released today RiboLace XL, an extended version of its well-proven RiboLace system for capturing ribosomes in active translation. RiboLace XL with its new formulation enables to capture more active ribosomes even from translationally less active cells and tissues for more reliable and robust RiboSeq data. With its RiboLace XL system, Immagina Biotechnology sets a new standard for ribosome profiling experiments allowing users to extend their translatomics research to biological samples that so far have not been accessible to RiboSeq analysis. The study of gene expression and protein synthesis at level of translation of ribosomes has been a technological challenge for decades. However, increasing evidence accumulates that changes in translation are a critical step in many diseases. With our RiboLace XL system we have achieved a new milestone in our endeavor to give a much broader community of scientists access to reliable RiboSeq data sets so strongly needed for a better understanding of pathological processes related to changes in translation and protein synthesis. More innovations from Immagina will be soon available for our community: from new tools to map RNA-RNA binding proteins to gel-free solutions.", said Massimiliano Clamer, Founder and President of Immagina Biotechnology in Trento today.