4 November 2021

IMMAGINA Ribo-Omics Grant Challenge 2021

IMMAGINA Biotech announces today a new edition of its RiboOmics Grant Challenge in 2021 supporting cutting edge research projects to study ribosome function, regulation of translation and translatome.

Recent publications have emphasized even more so how important a better understanding of the molecular mechanisms of the regulation of translation and ribosome function is in human disease. Lauria et al (Nat Cell Biol. 10, 2020) reported how a ribosome binding protein modulates translation in a tissue dependent way in Spinal Muscular Atrophy. Likewise, Eshagri et al (Nat Commun 12, 2021) found that mutant Huntingtin is stalling ribosomes and repressing protein synthesis in Huntington disease by impeding the ribosomal translocation during translation elongation.

IMMAGINA Biotech is accepting applications for three awards listed below.

1st award: 2x RiboSeq All-In-One system* (Immagina® products / 9rxn)

2nd award: 1x RiboLace Module 1* (Immagina® products)

3rd award: 1 free full service (2 samples**) Ribosome profiling Performed with RiboSeq All-In-One system (Immagina® products) including sequencing.

How to participate Submit a maximum of 500 words for a non-confidential abstract for a project that incorporates RiboSeq All-In-One solution. Innovative proposals are encouraged as awards will be based on the novelty of the experimental design or on the use of challenging samples. The abstract should be send to by December 6th, 2021. Winners will be announced on December 23rd, 2021 and studies can commence immediately thereafter. Proposals will be reviewed by a committee consisting of the Immagina‘s Scientific Advisory Board and senior scientists of the team.

Grant Keywords #translatome, #ribosome profiling, #translation, #ribosomes, #polysomes, #translational regulation, #lncRNA, #ribosomopathies

*For winners outside EU, shipping fees will be applied accordingly. ** Samples shipping fees to IMMAGINA will be paid by the winner.