30 August 2022

IMMAGINA released AHARIBO Translatome RNASeq kit

IMMAGINA Biotechnology, the Ribosome company, released today the AHARIBO Translatome RNAseq system, the first commercially available complete system to analyse gene expression at the ribosome level (Translatome).

The new AHARIBO Translatome RNA-seq system is an all-in-one kit dedicated to analyze actively translated full-length RNAs by capturing active ribosomes, isolate their RNA content and convey the RNAs into an NGS library.

The kit includes: (i) a module for isolation of active ribosomes and full-length translated RNAs (ii) a module for rRNA depletion (iii) an Illumina-compatible NGS library preparation with UDIs plate included (iv) a module for optimal PCR-cycle number determination by qPCR.