7 June 2024

Immagina Practical Workshop - Zoom in to the ribosome

Our Summer Workshop 2024, 3rd Edition, aims to provide participants with the tools to discover new insights into the translational event of their specimen by capturing ribosomes in action. 

Process 6 samples alongside one of our technical scientists to learn everything about ribosome profiling and tRNA usage with Immagina technologies. After collecting active ribosomes with the RiboLace kit, participants will produce in parallel:

i) RiboSeq libraries for acquiring ribosomes positional information at nucleotide resolution; 

ii) tRNAseq libraries to quantify full-length, native state tRNAs and detect tRNAs chemical modifications.  

The workshop will take place August 26th – September 3rd, 2024, in our facility in Pergine (Trento, Italy).   If you are interested in participating in this immersive technical training, you can find more information, price and registration here.