15 June 2023

IMMAGINA Practical Workshop - RiboLace Riboseq Gel Free - Summer Edition IMMAGINA PRACTICAL WORKSHOP (20-25 August 2023, Trento, Italy)

Ribosome Profiling with Ribolace and circ-AID technologies
What happens when any of the rRNAs, 80 ribosomal proteins or about 150 non-ribosomal factors that are needed to bring ribosomes to life go wrong? Ribosomal dysregulation has been implicated in multiple diseases including cancer, autism, cystic fibrosis, Alzheimer’s disease and other neurodegenerative diseases. Researchers continue to seek new technologies that will help them dig deeper into how cells orchestrate active translation and how dysregulation influences disease. Isolated active ribosomes may reveal insights that might be obscured by the presence of inactive ribosomes. Ribosomes captured in action can provide access to underexplored translatome territory. With greater access, researchers may be able to uncover new insights about the factors that govern ribosomal function that cannot be identified from conventional mRNA analysis alone. Ribosome profiling (RiboSeq) can provide positional information about ribosomal functional components and it can identify atypical ribosome behaviour. IMMAGINA RiboLace technology is a new solution for Ribosome profiling that captures ribosomes in action along with associated ribosome-protected fragments (RPFs). The active ribosomes and RPFs are isolated from cell or tissue lysates by simple pull-down with magnetic beads, leaving the inactive ribosomes behind. Libraries can be prepared with an in-house developed RNA library preparation kit, which is based on IMMAGINA patent circ-AID technology. 

The workshop is intended for scientists, PhD students and technicians coming from private or public institutes who would like to learn more about the field of translational regulation and increase their experience in using IMMAGINA technologies for RiboSeq. 
The partecipants will: 
  1. Learn everything about ribosome profiling including utilization of IMMAGINA’s technologies; 
  2. Process their samples using IMMAGINA’s RiboSeq kits, with full support from IMMAGINA team (see preliminary program in Attachment 2); 
  3. Discuss their results together with IMMAGINA experts to develop deep understanding; 
  4. Train on how to analyze RiboSeq data and interpret the results obtained; 
  5. Have fun with us! 

How to partecipate Submit your interest to partecipate here. For cost information please contact us. 
Application deadline 
Please send your interest to partecipate before 9th, July, 2023. Please note that number of participants is limited.