9 November 2023

IMMAGINA acquired Direct nano tRNA sequencing technology from Novoa’s lab

"This is the first method that can quantify the abundance of tRNAs, and it can also look at tRNA modifications” Editorial Team, Nature Biotechnology.

IMMAGINA Biotechnology s.r.l. proudly holds the exclusive research use license for the groundbreaking nano-tRNAseq technology, originally developed by the innovative team at Eva Maria Novoa's Lab, based at the Centre for Genomic Regulation in Barcelona, Spain. This revolutionary technology was first introduced in the pages of Nature Biotechnology through the article "Quantitative analysis of tRNA abundance and modifications by nanopore RNA sequencing" (published online on April 6, 2023). It marks a significant milestone in the field of tRNA and translatomics, as it enables the comprehensive sequencing of tRNA molecules in their full-length, native state for the very first time. This groundbreaking discovery empowers researchers to easily pinpoint tRNA isoforms and post-translational modifications, offering a profound understanding of the intricate workings of these fundamental cellular components.