AHARIBO products (based on RiboMINATI technology)


AHARIBO products for RNA and protein analysis are dedicated to the analysis of the translatome and de novo proteome. Both products are based on an IMMAGINA technology called Minimally Invasive Non-canonical Amino acid Tagging and Isolation of Ribosomes (Ribo-MINATI). The protocol is based on the pulse incubation of cell cultures with azidohomoalanine (AHA). Then, cells are treated with a proprietary small molecule (sBlock) that blocks the nascent peptide attached to the ribosome. Cells are then lysed and a biotin tag is linked to the newly-synthesized AHA-labeled proteins through a chemical reaction on proprietary smart beads. RiboMINATI allows for the identification of a whole de novo synthesized translatome (RNAs) through the isolation of active ribosomes.

Shipping: dry ice and +4°C
Storage Conditions: store components as indicated on the data sheet
Shelf Life: 6 months

Protocol AHARIBO_v0919

AHARIBO products are not available through the webshop. Please send a request to info@immaginabiotech.com.