RiboMINATI – for parallel RNA sequencing and protein analysis


RiboMINATI (Minimally Invasive Non-canonical Amino acid Tagging and Isolation) is designed for the isolation of active polyribosomes, associated RNAs and nascent peptides. RiboMINATI is a technology for parallel RNA sequencing and protein analysis. The protocol is based on the pulse incubation of cell cultures with azidohomoalanine (AHA). Then, cells are treated with a proprietary small molecule (sBlock) that blocks the nascent peptide attached to the ribosome. Cells are then lysed and a biotin tag is linked to the newly-synthesized AHA-labeled proteins through a chemical reaction on proprietary smart beads. RiboMINATI allows for the identification of a whole de novo synthesized translatome (RNAs) through the isolation of active ribosomes.

Shipping: dry ice and +4°C
Storage Conditions: store components as indicated on the data sheet
Shelf Life: 6 months

Protocol RiboMINATI

RiboMINATI is not available through the webshop. Please send a request to info@immaginabiotech.com.