MaGO Beads

Graphene-doped magnetic beads for separation and purification (IMMAGINA Patented Technology)

Immagina MaGO beads have a magnetic core embedded in an agarose structure. Beads are doped with Graphene Oxide or Reduced Graphene Oxide. MaGO are spherical beads with dimensions of about 50 µm. The adsorption capacity of MaGO sample was tested using a set of aromatic positively charged dyes (Nile Blue, Methylene Blue, Rhodamine 6G, and Crystal Violet). The results are reported in Figure 1. All the molecules tested showed a high value of adsorption capacity and a very fast adsorption kinetics.

Figure 1.Up: UV-visible spectroscopy of the NB, MB, and Rh6G dyes solutions and the supernatants after absorption for 1 minute with MaGO Table: Values of absorption capacity (Qt) and the absorption time of the tested molecules.

ATTO647N  and  Fluorescein-labelled BSA(BSA488) incubated with MaGO beads for 5-10 seconds followed by magnetic separation of the beads (Figure 2). As revealed from the Uv-Vis absorption spectra, MaGO beads can efficiently remove the free dye while the Fluorescein-labelled BSA remains  in solution (< 10% reduction).

Figure 2.  UV Vis of Fluorescein-labelled BSA and free ATTO647N mix (black lines) incubated with MaGO beads followed by vortexing for 5 seconds for one (blue line) or two times (red line).

Fast Protocol for free dye/protein separation

  • Vortex the MaGO beads tube for 30 seconds
  • Put the required MaGO beads volume in a new 1.5 mL tube
  • Place the tube on the magnet to separate the beads. Remove the supernatant
  • Resuspend the beads in your dye-protein mixture
  • Vortex for 5-10 seconds
  • Place immediately the tube on the magnet to separate the beads. Remove the supernatant enriched with your labelled protein
  • Discard the beads containing the free dye

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