Neutravidin-functionalized porous agarose magnetic beads

MAGARTM magnetic beads are functionalized with NeutravidinTM for the capture of biotinylated molecules or biotinylated antibodies. Quality controls are performed to ensure the maximum quality of our product. We perform three main controls in the production pipeline: (i) test of size distribution, (ii) test of paramagnetic activity and (iii) test of the density of functionalization. The average particle size is 50 μm. MAGAR-cN are also available as non-crosslinked particles (MAGAR-N). These innovative particles are suitable for experiments where an ultra-low nonspecific binding is desirable. The density of functionalization of MAGAR-cN is certified by the labeling of fluorescent biotinylated molecules (Figure 1).


Figure 1. Fluorescence microscopy analysis of MAGAR-cN stained with Biotin-ATTO488

The main advantages of our MAGAR technology are:
(a) low non-specific binding;
(b) the competition on price, thanks to a technology that can reduce the cost of production;
(c) the high stability in suspension, maximizing the binding properties.
The binding capacity is comparable to other commercial products.

Instructions MAGAR-cN for IP
Instructions MAGAR-cN_for capturing and eluting biotinylated proteins

Immagina BioTechnology offers a service of custom beads synthesis that allow customers:
(i) to choose specific functionalizations and (ii) to fine-tune the density of the functional groups on the bead.

IMPORTANT: Purchases through our website are restricted to fixed amounts of beads. For larger product amounts, please contact us at the following email address: