Online webinar: Spinal Muscular Atrophy: lost in translation?

IMMAGINA BIOTECHNOLOGY and TomaLab are excited to host a series of free live scientific webinars. During the webinars, prestigious speakers will present their recent researches carried out by the use of IMMAGINA BIOTECH products for the study of translational control of gene expression and diseases.

Officially announcing the collaboration between IMMAGINA Biotechnology and Genexa!

We are working together to develop a powerful data analysis tool for the only product available for 3’ phospho-RNA sequencing with ONT platform, CircAID-p-seq! Genexa is a service provider for bioinformatic analyses based in Zurich, Switzerland. Genexa’s services are centered around the analysis of third- and next-generation genomics data and the development of novel data […]

Immagina Ribo-Omics Grant Challenge 2020.

We are excited to share our
Immagina Ribo-Omics Grant Challenge 2020.
Win up to €5,000 of Immagina® products!

EIT headstart grant to investigate circAID-p-seq applications in the pharma sector

We are glad to announce that we were awarded the EIT headstart grant to further investigate circAID-p-seq applications in the pharma sector

Immagina poster at RNA2020

One-shot analysis of translated mammalian lncRNAs with AHARIBO

In February 2020 IMMAGINA BioTechnology raised 1M Euro from existing investors and new, undisclosed EU-based investors. The Company has raised about 2M Euro to date

In February 2020 IMMAGINA raised 1 M Euro from existing investors and new, undisclosed EU-based investors. The Company has raised about 2 M Euro to date

Scientific publication – IMMAGINA new tools on bioRxiv – 10/2018

Our preprint work describing new probes to sense the activity of protein synthesis and to capture associated RNA is now available on bioRxiv

Immagina Biotechnology has been featured by… (2017)

The Next Tech – World Cancer Day   And local media are sometimes important to help the local business community…  

Scientific Publication – 08/2017

Our first paper reporting the basic of our RiboLace technology Active ribosome profiling with RiboLace is now public available on bioRxiv. The paper describes a novel method based on an original puromycin-containing molecule capable of isolating active ribosomes by means of an antibody-free and tag-free pull-down approach. RiboLace is fast, works reliably with low amounts of input material, […]

Publications from our scientific community (2017)

Viero’s Lab published In vivo translatome profiling reveals early defects in ribosome biology underlying SMA pathogenesis in bioRxivpreprint. The results described suggest that neuronal tissues and cells are particularly sensitive to perturbations in translation during SMA, and identify ribosome biology as an important, yet largely neglected, factor in motor neuron degeneration