Massimiliano Clamer

Founder & President

I'm interested in entrepreneurship and in improving the translation of cutting edge science from academia to the commercial arena. I have a pharmaceutical background and a PhD in Biomolecular Science carried out between the University of Trento ( and the University of Oxford ( My work has led to the submission of 2 patent applications and the raising of € 0.5m seed funding. I'm learning BioBusiness all days thanks to my job, our advisors and our investors.

Luca Minati

Scientific Director Chemistry and Material Science

I received my master degree in Chemistry from the university of Padua in 2004. In 2010 I received my PhD in Materials Engineering from University of Trento. My research interest concern the synthesis and functionalization of nanostractured materials for optical and biological applications. I published about 60 papers in peer review journal and two patents. I love science and I'm intrigued by its plethora of possible applications.

Divya Kandala

Application Scientist

I have graduated with Honours degree in Biotechnology from University of Hertfordshire, United Kingdom. I am amazed by multiple regulatory mechanisms a cell employs to endure diverse conditions and fascinated with gene expression regulation, particularly at co/post transcriptional and translational level. Previously, I have studied the mechanism and various factors associated with co-transcriptional mRNA processing at 3ˈUTR. I would like to bridge my experience from basic sciences to conceptualize applied research for myriad array of challenges.